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usually have hydraulic motors that provide extended power to the engine. Powerful engines equate to faster grass cutting action rear engine rider mower reviews in hillds and gardens. The 26HP motor gives this hydrostatic zero turn riding mower the ability to reach speeds of 6.5 mph.

rear engine rider mower reviews

Choosing or adjusting your favorite grass height is super easy thanks to a spring-assisted deck lift with six cutting height positions. A 16’’ turning radius gives this mower the maneuverability that you will need to get through shrubs, trees, flower beds, and the likes. So check out the following list to find yourself the best riding lawn mower for the money. There is a wide range of options to choose from, which means picking the right one can be an uphill task. If you are looking for a reliable manual lawn mower for a significantly narrow lawn then this 5 blade reel mower from American Lawn Mower Company is best for you. Designed to mow efficiently on hard to reach areas, it can also be a good substitute for mowing narrow spaces where your lawn tractor can’t reach.


Riding lawn mowers come in different transmissions, and this can be confusing for first time users. There are three types of transmission to consider when shopping. This requires a manual clutch when starting, changing speed, or stopping.

Although we had a pleasant experience during our own tests, there have been too many poor reviews from other buyers for us to recommend this mower. Instead, we suggest everybody in the entry-level market to check out a similar rear engine mower by Troy-Bilt. It is both cheaper and more reliable with thousands of available customer reviews online. All in all, most if the reviews are extremely positive pointing out only minor problems usually related to personal preferences rather than the mower’s capabilities.

Husqvarna Yth18542 42 In 18 5 Hp Briggs & Stratton Hydrostatic Riding Mower

They’ve been manufacturing lawn mowers and other farming equipment for over half a century now, making them a go-to brand for such products by a lot of consumers. There’s also the issue of price when it comes to this type of riders. They can cost a bit higher than rear-engine units as they have higher powered engines. With that said, though, the cost is often justified for a lot of shoppers, making front engine mowers more preferable to many. The speed changing on the fly works smooth and it as great fun to try out and use for the first time. Changing the mowing height to suit the grass conditions was easier than expected for a ride on mower.

  • ZTR mowers are some of the best riding mowers on the market now.
  • Although this mower is a residential grade mower, the sturdiness and the Kawasaki engine give it the boost it needs to make you feel like you are on a commercial grade.
  • Mowing work time is significantly reduced when compared to push lawn mowers and the deck can be cleaned underneath when it is stored in the vertical position.

Owners also appreciate its compact size for storage, the ergonomically-designed seat, and a 16-inch turning radius that makes tough sections of your lawn easy to reach. For $1,199, you also get a reverse mowing feature, and its relatively tight 18-inch turning radius does well in sharper corners. The R110 is not a rear engine rider mower reviews flashy option, but it’s reliable, and it gets the job done for those who don’t need tractor power. Get connected to the home improvement coupons and promo codes you’ve been waiting for. View DealsA lawn tractor offers more muscle and is better for larger properties that may require more than simple lawn mowing.

Q: What Kind Of Horsepower Will I Need?

A 30-inch single-blade cutting deck and an 18-inch turning radius makes cutting most yards up to an acre a joy to mow. It has 16-inch rear and 13-inch front wheels that make this mowing machine a lot more agile than it may look at first glance. It offers side discharge and mulching by default, and like all of the best riding mowers, it supports a bagger, which you’ll have to purchase separately. You can also opt for a mulch kit and a hauler attachment, which we liked a lot, but there aren’t many attachment options beyond that. Homeowners can also enjoy a limited 4-year warranty that comes along, while buying this model.

It is mainly because of the 15-inch front and 20-inch rear wheels that make it easy for you to maneuver the tractor in challenging situations. As with other ride on mowers, you can also reverse it to move yourself out of difficult corners and tight spots. It comes with hand-controlled hydrostatic transmission with an average top speed of 5.5 Mph.

One minor quibble was the clutch control, which can be a little bit fidgety. I have got a big garden and it can be really difficult to mow. It’s not that it’s particularly uneven or especially bumpy, it’s just an awkward shape with lots of odd little corners. The Troy Bilt caught my eye as it’s not an expensive commercial mower and promised the ability to get into all those tight spaces other, bigger machines might not be able to tackle. I’ve tried everything from walk behind ones to high-end John Deere’s but have been struggling for a while now to find the right machine for my particularly tricky acre.

It has a twelve-inch turning radius, making it easy to get around your carefully sculpted bushes and garden plants. Let us discuss some of the most popular accessories you can grab for your darling garden tractor. If you use your machine a lot or it takes you an hour or more to complete your yard, then those little perks can make your experience a lot more enjoyable. Popular options include cup holders, extended leg room, armrests, seats with high backs and so forth.

Husqvarna Automower 315x

This Troy-Bilt’s durable 13’’ front and rear wheels turn remarkably strong within an 18-inch radius, making it a great choice for generally flat terrain. Its adjustable seating and easy-to-grip steering also provide cushion and support while operating. Blades may break if the mover encounters obstacles like rocks, so make sure your lawn is free of obstacles. Lightweight and compact design offer ultimate maneuverability and easy storage. Its weatherproof feature allows the lawnmower to work even in the rain.

rear engine rider mower reviews

This option’s 159-cc engine packs plenty of power, and it offers a premium drive control system (what Cub Cadet calls “MySpeed”). It delivers six speeds of performance, so you can experience smoother engagement and a wide range of speeds to perfectly match your pace. For elaborately-landscaped yards that require lots of pivoting back and forth, you should opt rear engine rider mower reviews for a mower with front caster wheels. Although these wheels don’t perform the best on hills, they do offer phenomenal maneuverability. It’s worth mentioning that the included charger isn’t a rapid charger, so it isn’t as quick to recharge as the EGO mower we previously mentioned. However, this one is significantly cheaper and is just as convenient to use.

Riding Lawn Mower Transmission

If you have a yard with plenty of woody debris, you can use a chipper vac to suck everything up, along with a grass bagger to hold onto all the cut grass. These machines are streamlined for a smaller size that focuses just on cutting grass. Because of this they are unable to use many of the add-ons and accessories found with other machines. Their small sizes are great for storing, moving in small areas, and even through most gates. Because of their diminished size their engine is a little bit weaker than most. This results in noticeably slower speeds, with these mowers not usually clocking at more than 4.5 mph.