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Tend to be Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez online dating again? Frankly, the clear answer isn t also important.

Low-rise trousers become cool. The cicada brood was appearing through the crushed within the mid-Atlantic. Tim Tebow is being signed. And aˆ?Bennifer,aˆ? the latest star portmanteau, are producing tabloid statements. No, the entire year just isn’t 2004, howeveraˆ™d getting forgiven for presuming thus. Itaˆ™s 2021.

As with every cultural phenomenon aˆ” specially a hollywood one aˆ” the Bennifer discourse says a lot more about us than it will about all of them.

But in which low-rise trousers has pulled ire through the almost all the actual on line millennials who came old while in the aughts and stayed through their numerous fashion-based traumas, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleckaˆ™s surprise reunion aˆ” they strung completely at the woman household in L. more