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Summer of Like: Internet Dating Sites and Post-Pandemic Online Marketing

Maybe not since the 60’s has a nation got plenty pent up stress and longing for romantic connection – and back then, the actual only real location you can swipe appropriate got a rotary cellphone.

Today, love is simply a mouse click away! Really, except for that whole pandemic-quarantine thing? But all those things is going to alter. It’s been a lengthy year, while the internet dating software tend to be getting ready for “single and able to socialize” to transition into, “vaccinated and able to get the hell of my house and meet a person that hopefully looks like their unique visibility picture!” Or, some form of that, in any event.

Initial Impressions

A couple years ago, it felt there was an innovative new dating app popping up every half a minute. And, even though some need preserved high marketshare, new apps has created an original enough specific niche to break through firewall (yes, which was a tinder joke. more