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In this technology driven generation one of the most frequently asked questions of the digital business age is: do I need a website? The simple answer is yes.

Creating a website is a key asset for all businesses in order to give their clients direct and easy access to their social platform. This is where Knack’s services can help you engage with your clients. We are a renowned company offering services to a variety of businesses and organizations. We have a talented and professional team of digital developers, creative designers, articulate writers and smart marketers who work in a collaborative manner. We believe on building in each other’s expertise in order to generate great results.

Our team at Knack is dedicated, enthusiastic, and creative. All of our employees are ready to collaborate and build off our client’s ideas. We focus on being involved in all stages of the process, which begins at building a concept for you website, to later developing a marketing plan and even topping it off with strong SEO. We offer each of our customer’s one-on-one customer service with a web designer. Our highly skilled and professional team of website developers and designers are always accessible and can create exactly what you want from scratch.

You can find our services in the following sectors:

Web Designing:

We have a team of expert web designers who provide our clients with responsive and modern appearances for their website. Based on every web standard, designing is a key element for any website. We focus on making websites attractive with neat visuals and strong content. Our company strives to provide the most eye-catching designs that will attract new consumers and engage them as they browse through your website. A companies website is the first digital impression which can distinguish if you can convert a prospective client into a long-term customer.

Website Development:

Our developers are capable of rendering healthy solutions for any client’s technical requirements of a standard website, high ecommerce, or CMS website. Our expert programmers create efficient websites with the goal to present the final product with the smoothest flow for the end user. The end result of high-quality programming comes a long way. Every aspect of the website has to run in a simple concise manner for a pleasant end user experience. If you are looking for something more complex, we have experts who work on a higher level to develop more intricate websites. Whether it’s for a hotel booking system, online shopping, renting portals/home buying, video based websites, B2B solutions, or any kind of web based application, Knack provides seamless solutions in a short period of time

E-commerce Website Development:

Are you looking for an immediate ecommerce solution? We have the greatest level of expertise to develop an economical and robust ecommerce-shopping cart. This can be a quick solution for merchants and storeowners willing to expand their business online. Ecommerce websites can be built using Magento or Open Cart, and other platforms that best align with the brands needs. Not only does Knack design and develop, but we also maintain and host the Magento and Open Cart custom ecommerce. In addition we are also able to work with any other ecommerce solutions

Social Media and Online Marketing:

The term social media marketing is the direct interaction between the consumers and a company’s social networks. Nowadays it is common for companies to focus on keeping consumers constantly updated and engaged. In this new age constant interaction is more personal to users than the traditional methods of outbound advertising and marketing. Knack can provide you with the best social media services depending on what your customers would require.